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Private Lenders Melbourne


As another avenue that can be taken to obtain a loan, private lenders will allow Melbourne businesses to receive a loan without the involvement of a bank. Whether you’re looking to take out a loan for a small or medium sized operation, our advisors here at The Mortgage Centre will be able to help you find the most suitable private lender for your circumstance.

Loans from private lenders here in Melbourne are essentially the same as a regular loan. They will allow you to fund the growth or continuous expansion of your business. As opposed to a loan from a bank, there are a number of benefits to going with a private lender instead. Not only will you receive a much faster loan approval, but going through a private lender will most likely come with less paperwork and faster access to funds. Contact our team on (03) 8832 0000 today to find out more.  

What Are Private Lenders?

Services That the Mortgage Centre Can Provide

When it comes to finding the best, most trustworthy private lenders in Melbourne, our locally based experts here at The Mortgage Centre are the fully qualified professionals you can trust to assist you. Along with our MFAA membership, our advisors also have an Australian Credit Licence (certification no. 388207), which means we have a much higher duty of care to our clients compared to other brokers and provide lenders. Our priority is to ensure your best interests are protected throughout the entire process of finding and applying for a private lender.

Non-Bank Private Lenders in Australia

What Is Non-Bank Private Lenders?

A non-bank private lender can provide loans to businesses without involving a bank. They can be either a single person or a company with their own access to funds that can be loaned for profit. Non-bank private lenders in Melbourne do not offer traditional lending and depositing services. 

What Are the Benefits to A Non-Bank Private Lenders?

Compared to loans from a bank or private lender, non-bank lenders can provide Melbourne businesses with a number of benefits that will make the whole process of obtaining a loan easier. Not only will you have quicker access to your loan, but the application process is much simpler compared to a bank loan. There is also greater flexibility in borrowing money, as well as a higher borrowing capacity should you require one.

For more information regarding non-bank lenders in Melbourne, please get in touch with an advisor from The Mortgage Centre today.

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