How Much Would I Save if I Financed for a Better Rate?

This depends on the loan amount and what rate we are able to obtain. The banks offer greater interest rate discounts on more substantial loans. As an example: If the average mortgage in Australia is $400,000 and we can negotiate a rate that saves as little as 0.4% that equates to $1,600 per annum which equates to $40,000 over a loan term of 25 years. It makes a lot of sense to review your loan every 12–18 for a "health check" doesn't it?

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There are a lot of reasons to refinance your loan that are not entirely related to the interest rate.

  • Your loan was 'no frills' and you now require additional capital in the form of a top up or line of credit.

  • You have purchased an investment property or are planning to purchase an investment property and you want to access the equity in your home as a deposit on the investment

  • You have credit card and personal debts that you want to combine into one low mortgage rate

  • You were previously on a fixed rate where the term has now expired and you are considering a 'split' to fixed and P&I or totally P&I or rolling into another fixed rate.

  • You have a property portfolio that needs to be restructured for tax purposes.

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